Warts on Face Pictures

Warts often misinterpreted as cancerous growth are actually the symptoms of a virus affect. There are numerous types of warts, one of them is flat warts which generally occur on feet, palms and face.

They can upto years and can re-grow

What are Warts on Face

Warts on Face are caused by human papilloma virus. There are around 120 Sub-Species of HPV which takes epidermis as host and as result cause unharmful growth of skin projections called Warts

Warts on Face generally occur on Lips, Eye Lids, Skin, Foreskin. They appear like rough small ball like projections of the skin. It usually appears slight green in color.

There aren’t any significant cases of spreading of Warts on Face through Direct Contact or Air.

Warts on Face Pictures

Warts on Face Pictures


                     Flat Warts on Face

Filiform Warts on Face

FiliForm Rough Warts on Face

Warts on Face

Flat Warts on Face near the Lip Region

Getting Rid of Warts on Face

Warts on Face effect cosmetic look of a person. Warts usually fade away with time but in some case they retain for years.

  • Use Ointments specified for removing warts. This isn’t a quick process but gradually improves recovery speed
  • Removing warts through surgical procedure requires experience. You will need to freeze the wart and remove it using a wart remover kit
  • Dissolve Aspirin tablets like Disprin in water and apply it on skin. For best results, Repeat Daily
  • If you are concerned with High Risk Warts, Consult a Doctor immediately

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