Surely you’ve ever heard that apple cider vinegar helps lose weight and you wondered if this was really true. Then, in another medicine we offer a full report so you know all about the vinegar diet.

How diet of vinegar works

The apple cider vinegar helps remove toxins from the body that cause fluid retention, which in turn causes edema that are causing swelling and weight gain occur.

vinegar diet

Another reason why apple cider vinegar is effective is because it suppresses appetite due to organic acids and enzymes that help speed up metabolism to burn the excess fat much faster.

How to consume apple cider vinegar?

For the benefits of apple cider vinegar diet and lose weight, do not need to drink lots of it. Mix two tablespoons of vinegar with 450 cc of water and drink some up to three times daily, preferably before meals. To the taste will not be as strong can add a little honey to the mixture.

Another way to consume it as tea, to make it you will need two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar, honey and boiling water, once you have everything well integrated only introduces a tea bag and drink it hot. If you have no honey you can replace it with maple syrup have the same effect, but avoid using sugar or artificial sweeteners to sweeten the infusion.

Besides drinking vinegar recalls exercises daily, for example walking 30 minutes, eliminating sugary foods and avoid junk food.

How long should I eat?

Perform the vinegar diet does not involve a health risk. Being a natural product you can consume the time you want. Keep in mind that it is not diets that will make you lose weight quickly but will decline gradually. However, this may vary according to your organic disposition, for some people to lose 10 kilos take up to a year and others may lose more than 1 kg in a month.

You see, apple cider vinegar is really effective for weight loss, but it is also extremely useful for removing excess cholesterol is healthy consuming and even if they suffer from diabetes and cancer. Have you tried the vinegar diet? Do you have as a result?