There are issues arising from about weight loss which little is spoken; when a person has been dieting and slimming achieved his purpose about how many kilos, knows the benefits that this brings in several ways: from higher self-esteem, to the relief of possible health problems and even the probability of having a vision more positive in life. But that’s not all, there’s more…


This is quite common in people who had very overweight; some of them (a psychological level and ironically) still feels shame show that could not assimilate their new look. Over time, everything usually accommodated and gradually adapts person.

about weight loss

The sagging with the weight loss

Depending on the amount of kilos you have lost the old you and also the numbers of times you’ve gone up and lost weight throughout your life as a result suffer from sagging; this is when the skin hangs and becomes worse when you lose weight very quickly, because the body does not have time to go toning tissue naturally.

For this reason, many people who have gone through this situation opt for surgery skin.

The social aspect undergoes changes

One of the reactions that can be seen in people who lose weight is that they become safer and more confident in themselves, which if used to have feared to speak freely for fear of rejection, you can now do so openly and definitely this creates conflicts.

It may also happen that changing eating habits, the environment does not accept or criticize the new customs and therefore look relationships changed. In studies, it has been found that there is greater competition between these siblings when one loses weight, which also moves to other relationships.

New wardrobe

This is something we cannot do without when many kilos are lost. You need to shop and acquire new sizes, so the budget conscious can suffer from one moment to another.


Nobody reacts the same way to the same comment; for people who have lost weight, and change is really noticeable, a simple “How well you look!” It may sound ironic and being misunderstood, it is best to say nothing and act naturally.

What other ways could add things that nobody says about weight loss?