All we want to feel and look good, but of course this depends on the food that we apply to our daily lives, among other things. The problem is that healthy cooking is not always so simple and tasty for everyone that is why today we see the 5 tips to make your healthy meals. The excuses for not feed as should be part of the past: get ready to show off in the kitchen with these ideas that we bring.

# 1 Olive oil

It is proven that olive oil is definitely a healthier compared to other oils (corn, soybean, etc.) option. In addition, olive oil gives a particular taste to foods: try to incorporate it into your dishes, surely you’ll love. If you wish, you can also use coconut oil: like olive oil, is healthy and beneficial for the body.

healthy meals

# 2 Using herbs and spices in foods

The use of garlic, parsley, cilantro, etc., can be beneficial to spice up your meals. Thus, avoid adding much salt or butter, which is harmful, especially if you have high blood pressure or cholesterol problems. Remember, you can eat a delicious and healthy dish, just depends on how things use to replace these risk factors.

# 3 Goodbye sugar!

Say goodbye to sugar. Eating this is harmful to the body. If you can not let attempts trying slowly. Consume less and see how you can let it slowly. Of course, you need not taste anything tasteless to protect your health, simply choose to replace it. You can use sweeteners like stevia, for drinks, meals or desserts. Controls the amount of sugar you eat, this turns out to be key in most health problems, increases diabetes causes kidney damage, accelerates the aging process and many other harmful things for your body. Gradually, you can make a significant change in your diet.

# 4 Eat more vegetables

This is not a very revealing secret, as sure you are aware of the benefits that have vegetables. Being so rich in minerals and vitamins are essential to add to our daily dishes. Try to incorporate it in the usual recipes, for example, you can eat noodles but with a serving of vegetables on the side. This way you will look after your figure and your health.

# 5 low fat cheese

If you have removed the cheese in your diet because of the amount of fat it generates will try to buy a low-fat cheese. These cheeses you can get them easily in the market, as stated above, must not remove food from your diet and eat tasteless things, try supplanting ingredients for less greasy things and see a difference.

Care and consume beneficial health foods possible. Try applying these tips to make your healthy meals.