Have you felt the need to burp while you are surrounded by people? Belching is not a contagious disease or anything, but good rules of courtesy in many societies indicate that the reaction of our body should be avoided in public. Here we give you some tips to avoid belching and an embarrassing moment.

Stop smoking

When inhaled smoke a cigarette, not only enters our body smoke but also extra air that you will eventually have to leave, provoking belching that could become chronic.

avoid belching

Hold your breath

It is proved that liberate your little burping, especially if you tend to do after eating, will bring a chain reaction repeated belching. It is best to try to contain them, this way if you release the gas through the mouth, will lose only one (strong but one).

Avoid chewable sweets

Chewing gum, candy or lollipops can cause extra air intake.

Do not talk with your mouth full

We will not talk about manners, but talking with your mouth full is a quick way you can swallow air that will generate undesirable belching.

Eat slowly

By eating slowly will avoid swallowing too much air. To bite a food you need to open your mouth and if you do it too fast, too much air will enter your body, so it is to take a drink.

Avoid nasal drip

If you blow your nose too hard and several times a day to clean and clear it, you’ll accumulate air inside your body which then needs to leave as a burp.

Avoid carbonated drinks

Sodas and other fizzy drinks like beer are more than generating air becomes belching.

Avoid straws

Straws, straws or cigarettes as they are known in your city, when you use the straws breathe air that is between your mouth and the liquid. If you’re prone to contain air, avoid them.

Take care of your dentures

If you wear dentures and even teeth retainers do not say that abandon, but you have to know that the use of these devices may facilitate the entry of extra air into your body.

If your culture is the Middle East then not have to worry, burp without hesitation be a nice to those around you gesture, but if on the other hand this is not your culture then take these tips in mind to avoid swallowing air inside you, causing you annoying avoid belching.