Being fit is simple: eat fewer calories from healthy foods and exercising regularly. But keep it simple does not mean easy to do! So today we will cover part of exercising regularly, giving some tips for lazy women fitness.

1. The exercise can be easy or it may be short, but not both at once

First things first. Decide what kind of lazy girl you: do you want to minimize time in the gym or avoid work hard? Intense workouts short and the long, slow cardio workouts are great fat burners. Choose yours!

women fitness

2. You do not have to sweat

Small isometric movements bar and Pilate’s classes seriously strengthen your muscles without sweat. The best part? If not you need to take a shower, you can switch in and out of the gym in half the time.

3. The best workouts kill two birds with one stone

A challenging yoga style (such as Vinyasa) will make you stronger and healthier.

4. Make exercise part of your social life and not even feel

Join a women’s basketball team, take dance classes, and get together with friends to go jogging, cycling or walking, whatever!

5. Take the time to go to work

Walk or bike from home to work and enjoy exercise, plenty of fresh air and save yourself the money you spend on public transport or in your car.

6. Walk, walk, walk

Rather than jump on the car automatically fail to walk everywhere. You’ll burn calories and see new parts of your city on the road.

7. Exercise while watching television

Tune in any program lasting one hour, or better yet, a film-and meanwhile runs on the treadmill, stationary bike riding or move the climber. That’s what we call killing two birds with one stone!