Start the day in the best way is in you :)

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, we already know all. But it is not a matter of eating anything, right? So I want to tell you what the best options you can consider when preparing best foods for breakfast.

#1 Red fruits and berries

Any variety of these fruits contains: many antioxidants that keep your beautiful skin; vitamin C, which raises your defenses and protects you from colds and other characteristics of the cold weather conditions; and fiber, notable for its high satiating effect and allow you to hold the line.

best foods for breakfast

Also, if all this were not enough, many studies suggest that also have properties that prevent cancer.

# 2 Eggs

Eggs contain 13 nutrients that are essential for the good health of the body . Among them are the proteins that give you a great effect on satiety, so you will not feel hungry until lunchtime.

Even his fingertips, despite its bad reputation, they are rich in vitamin B, which improves memory, and vitamin A, which contributes to a better view.

# 3 Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt is a great source of calcium and protein, ideal for a healthy and balanced breakfast . Of course, keep in mind that only plain yogurt without sugar is healthy.

If you have trouble consuming, you can add berries, berries or banana, it is delicious!

# 4 Bananas

A banana has a lot of fiber, potassium and, believe it or not, vitamin C. It is also ideal for treating high blood pressure , so if you suffer from this condition, this is the ideal fruit for you to eat your breakfast.

# 5 Avena

Oatmeal has a lot of fiber and this will make you stay no appetite until lunch. While it may be you do not like the flavor in your breakfast, you can add berries, yogurt and even a cut banana into pieces.

# 6 Coffee

A cup of coffee in the morning will give your body a good portion of the antioxidants you need during the day. Furthermore, according to recent studies, drink at breakfast will protect the type II diabetes and some cancers. Of course, be careful not to abuse the amount that can provoke nervousness, anxiety and even insomnia.

# 7 TE

This tea has flavonoids that stimulate the immune system. Besides green tea, white and black protect your body against some types of cancer, heart problems and diabetes.

Do not hesitate to take your breakfast!

Now, you know what are the best foods for breakfast. It remains for me to say: To start your day with all the energy!