We have all heard the expression “every person is unique,” and indeed we are all different in terms of habits of life, regime, lifestyle, and many other things. Depending on the number of hours you sleep, your body enough rest or maybe not. But do you know if you need more sleep or if a sufficient number of hours depending on the age, sex, sleep, and daily activities?

The signs of sleep deprivation

Sleeping more or better can be the difference between a great day and another to forget, between the humorous and be in a depression between performing all daily activities and leaving many waiting. Sleep is something that is at once simple and essential, and that can change everything at once. Sometimes you realize that missing sleep when you fall ill; it is wrong and lacking strength.

need more sleep

Desirable to monitor signals provide by the body since they are always important. Sometimes they may suffer insomnia or sleep-related disorders, without realizing it. It is good to know if sleep is restful, or if not sleep enough. To do this, it is important to recognize the symptoms that are caused by lack of sleep and help to see if you need more sleep.

Being hungry frequently

Do not talk about that a little special moment, at least in women, where you feel the desire to eat something sweet. But rather a permanent feeling of emptiness in the stomach, despite the fact eats frequently. This may be due to lack of sleep, since it allows balancing certain hormones, namely serotonin and dopamine, which change dramatically if you do not sleep sufficiently.

People who sleep little increase production of ghrelin, a neurotransmitter that signals the feeling of hunger to the brain. Also, if you went to bed late at night, you can get up and walk around the fridge before going to bed. The body carbohydrates demand to stay alert, because you do not understand then that is the Bedtime.

Difficulty concentrating

Nutrition is vital for memory and intelligence, but sleep is also essential so that it can be quiet when concentrate, learn, remember, be careful, and many other functions.

During sleep, the brain uses to rebuild long-term memory. Therefore, students should sleep well after studying rather stays awake all night. If once before the exam one has the impression of not knowing what has been studied, it is possible that it is a lack of sleep.

Being sick often

The rest is in direct connection with the immune system. If flu, cold, sore throat, every month, or other viral or bacterial diseases are suffering is suffering, is surely missing sleep. When the body sleeps, produces antibodies that protect against diseases.

The rest has, therefore repairing effects. Therefore, when a person has a fever and feels bad, you probably want to sleep several hours are available. If the body lacks sleep, have less energy, blood pressure will be lower and will feel colder. Should strengthen the defenses naturally sleeping more every night and increasing consumption of vitamins.

These are the signs that you need more sleep. Now that you know them, be encouraged to implement a restful sleep. You’ll see it’s possible!