Gases, one of the major concerns that parents have about their babies. And in his first months of life, children are pretty suffer this problem, not to be confused with the fact that the baby’s gut tighten and growls often after each shot, a common response of the small body.

Thus, babies who truly suffer from gases are those with swollen belly, enough expel gases and may be crying for hours. There are several causes that can cause this problem in newborns, but what is clear is that we can fix it or at least relieve gas. Here are some tips below!

relieve gas

The breast or bottle

The first thing you should do is prevent children from accumulating gases. How? Well the most important thing is that you try to swallow it while shooting the least air, so you have to breastfeed or bottle calmly. If it comes from a bottle, it should be upright. In addition, the nipple should not be too small, as this will cause the baby to try harder and, therefore, swallow more air.

Burp after taking

Following the decision, and in it if it is very prone to gas, you must ensure that the small burp. Typically, pick him up and support him on the chest while giving a pat on the back but if this does not work, you can try different positions as placing the infant face down, taking his belly with one hand and hitting him with the.


If these tip you it was not enough to relieve gas, then only will be pain relief. Although there are drugs directed to this problem, they are not as effective, so we recommend that, with both hands, massage realices baby belly. It is also quite effective stretch the infant face up, take her ankles and knees pressed belly gently, repeating this movement several times.