Pregnancy Symptoms Week By Week

Pregnancy Symptoms Week By Week: 1st Week

Your body prepares itself for the fertilization. There will be thickening of Uterus during the first two weeks. Fertilization occurs during the 3rd week. Now, the zygote which develops into fetus begins as a blastocyst. The official development of your soon-to-be baby starts. Here’s your detailed guide for pregnancy symptoms week by week


You may not feel any significant symptoms

4th Week Pregnancy Symptoms

Your Soon to be baby splits it’s cells to form placenta and the primary cells which forms the embryonic cells.


Some women report mild cramps and nausea.

5-8 Weeks Pregnancy Symptoms

The Embryo develops rapidly fast during this period and initially develops a ‘U’ shaped structure. It is now comprised of about 25k cells. The chief organs like heart, Brain, lungs e.t.c begin to spring.

It develops a umbilical cord which draws required nutrients from the mother. You need to focus on intake of optimimum nutrients, maintain a strict diet regime recommended by your doctor


  • You might feel morning sickness and it is advisable to take regular check ups
  • You may feel soreness near the breast area, Size of Breasts may start increasing because they begin to lactate
  • You may feel little pain and soreness near your lower stomach area due to expansion of Uterus for the development of baby
  • You may feel craving for sour and salty food due to release of hormones.   These cravings and absolutely normal. If you begin to crave for unusual items like Alcohol, Smoking, Bleaching Powder and different odd stuff, you must consult the doctor immediately before it might affect your baby’s health

9-12 Weeks Pregnancy Symptoms

Your embryo is now officially a fetus. It beings to develop rapidly. You can see Limbs almost developed completely through Sonography. Your baby will have developed all the vital organs by now


  • You may begin gaining few extra pounds at this stage. It’s normal and do not try to shed off weight by skipping meals, this is important stage for development of your baby
  • You might experience fatigue and feel uncomfortable frequently, lie down whenever you feel discomfort

13-16 Weeks Pregnancy Symptoms

Your soon to be baby, hair growth starts all over the body. Your baby’s eyebrows will be developed during the 16th Week


  • You will feel good again and most of your discomforts, soreness in breasts, sickness, fatigue, loss of appetite will have been gone by now
  • Bump in your abdomen area will start to rise, it’s the right time to reveal that you are pregnant
  • Your skin loosens which might cause stretch marks on different area. It’s advised to use Bio-Oil or stretch mark products near common stretch mark areas to retain your cosmetic appearance

17-20 Weeks Pregnancy Symptoms

Your baby develops sense of hearing by now and may respond to some sounds by kicking. Reproductive organs develop and positioning begins


  • You can feel your baby kicking and moving. If you do not, It’s advisable to perform a sonogram test
  • You can experience Stomach cramps and feel discomfort in digestion, appetite
  • Sex of your Baby can be determined at this period through UltraSound scan, but it is banned in some countries even at this period, so check with it

21-24 Weeks Pregnancy Symptoms

Your baby will be around 10 inches in length by now. Skin Thickens and there will be rapid mental development. The Pregnancy Symptoms week by week duing this period are


  • You may feel contracts frequently
  • Nails on fingers start developing
  • You may experience Gestational Diabetes which include most of the symptoms similar to normal Diabetes and is caused due to changes in food intake
  • Your Placenta stretches in size to hold the weight of your baby
  • Your baby bump increases upto the size of a basketball
  • You may need to pee frequently
  • A glucose level checkup is recommended to detect the signs of Gestational Diabetes

25-28 Weeks Pregnancy Symptoms

Lungs and Respiratory system of your baby will be completely developed by now. There will be rapid development of Brain as usual


  • You may find Sleep Difficulty. Just lie down with any fear of your final day (Delivery Day), Never opt for sleeping pills
  • Stress is common due to fear of cesarean or labor pains, Just relax and soothe yourself
  • There will be a increased frequency of excretion.
  • If you have belly button pain and it resides for many days, it’s advisable for a check up

29-32 Weeks Pregnancy Symptoms

Body development gradually decreases it’s pace and the brain development is still in a rapid pace. Your baby’s facial features develop almost completely.


  • You may still find Sleep Difficulty. Just lie down with any fear of your final day (Delivery Day), Never opt for sleeping pills
  • Pregnant Pillows will be helpful to make you fall asleep
  • You may experience swelling at different parts of the body
  • There will be significant growth in lactation of your mammary glands

33-37 Weeks Pregnancy Symptoms

Sense Organs will be almost completely developed during the period. Your baby can now perceive touch and sounds without any problem


  • You might expect baby anytime soon, so it’s time to take care of breast feeding in advance
  • False contracts are common during the 33-34 Week pregnancy
  • You will gain few pounds significantly during this period
  • You will feel baby sucking
  • When you enter 37th Week, you may experience labor anytime soon
  • You might get a discharge filled with blood through vaginal secretions. This indicates the delivery day is sometime soon

38-39 Weeks Pregnancy Symptoms

Keep yourself not to far from a hospital or clinic, because delivery may happen any time at this point of period. Your baby will be positioned to face the vaginal opening. All the organs will be formed completely


  • You may feel swelling at different parts of the body
  • You might feel discomfort to sleep or sit
  • It’s important to cut down on stress or tension of delivery or labor pains

40 Week Pregnancy Symptoms

Your baby may be anywhere between 3-5 Kgs in weight


  • If you are past the delivery date and the delivery wasn’t completed yet, sexual intercourse during this week might induce labor
  • Increase in Urination, Do not cut down on intake of water, because it’s vital for the delivery process and the health of baby
  • Prevalent weight gain

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