Menopause occurs between 40 and 50 years in the life of every woman. By lowering the production of estrogen or female sex hormones, mood changes and are more irritable or anxious, as during the period. But also it changes your body because fat mass and increases muscle mass decreases. Therefore it is very easy to gain weight, lose weight and so hard!

During this stage, diseases such as high cholesterol, diabetes, high blood pressure and may appear intensifies risk of osteoporosis. From age 35 and bone loss accelerates. And as estrogen keeps our bones strong, when our body stops producing it, weaken and decalcified, and even fractures can occur.

menopause and osteoporosis

The bone loss is greater in women than white or Asian, thin skin, taking steroid medications or have a family history. However, none is saved:  1 in 2 women over 50 years could fracture because of osteoporosis, according to the National Osteoporosis Foundation in the United States.  Therefore, the earlier you start taking care of yourself, the better!

Here are our tips on how to prevent osteoporosis. Do not miss it!

  1. Throughout life

Let the tips whenever you have to take as soon as possible: quit smoking, excessive drinking and drinking 3 liters of liquid adding flavored water, broth and tea. We advise you to perform at least 20 minutes of physical exercise a day. You can walk to the office or take the kids to school. It’s a good idea to take your pet for a walk or meet with a friend. There’s still time d and include sport in the routine!

  1. Prior to menopause

By increasing fat mass and move less, it is easier to gain weight. We advise you to avoid eating refined flour and animal fats. You can also choose to eat less meats and low-fat dairy products and avoid cholesterol. To achieve the necessary unsaturated fats, spices and kitchen with olive oil, sunflower or corn.

Fruits, vegetables and grains, because of their high fiber content are always welcome. Furthermore, it is preferable to eat oily fish such as tuna, sardines, anchovies and salmon.

  1. After 35

Women should consume 1,200 to 1,500 mg of calcium daily and vitamin D to process it. It is very important to maintain these levels especially during menopause. But how to incorporate them into our diet? I give you an option to start taking care of your bones with all the calcium and vitamin D the body needs daily.


  • Breakfast: A glass of milk and a slice of rye bread natural buttery and a slice of cheese.
  • Lunch: A filet of salmon with mushroom sauce and boiled spinach.
  • Snack: A natural yogurt smoothie with kiwi and a handful of cereals fortified with vitamin D.
  • Dinner: salad soybeans, lettuce, tomato, green beans and boiled egg. And for dessert … vanilla custard!

If you take care of yourself, age will be just a matter of changing schedule because your body will be stronger than ever. That menopause does not catch you off guard and granted that age is just a matter of attitude.