Low Sodium Levels

What are Low Sodium Levels

Acute condition of Low Sodium Levels coined with the scientific term hyponatremia means the sodium level present in the blood is lower than the optimum level. It is a primary resource for the functioning on nervous system as it maintains electric potential to generate impulses

It also maintains B.P and fluid regulation. The Normal Sodium level present in the blood should be 136-145 mEq/L


Causes of Low Sodium Levels

Low Sodium Levels or Hyponatremia may be caused by many factors. It includes major disorders like Kidney Failure, Heart Failure and massive edema.  There are few instances of Hyponatremia caused by Consumption of heavy volumes of water.

Hypovolemic hyponatremia is a phenomenon of losing water and sodium simultaneously from the body. Diarrhea and Vomiting are the general causes of Low Sodium Levels. Adrenal insufficiency and hypothyroidism can cause Low Sodium Levels.

Low Sodium Levels Treatment

Mild Condition of Low Sodium Levels can be cured by adjusting food intake and diet. For Chronic Cases, Intravenous injections of Sodium, Electrolytes e.t.c

Symptoms include tiresomeness, mild headache, minor mental disorders, vomits e.t.c. Chronic Low Sodium Levels can lead to death and coma.

Diet for Low Sodium Levels/Hyponatremia

Minor condition of Low Sodium Levels can be easily cured by controlling sodium intake.

  • Electrolytic drinks (Sodium Specific) can be used to supplement Sodium levels of our body
  • Frequent Use of Table Salt
  • Oyesters are rich in Sodium
  • Low Sodium Dishes like  Low Sodium Beef Jerky must be avoided



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    Very informative, Point to note:- If left unattended this disease can be fatal

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