Many people do sport or some exercise without making the relevant stretch so that your muscles are ready for further efforts to be performed. This is a mistake that can lead to injury or muscles do not respond the way they should. In addition, stretching the muscles leads to a flexibility that our body will thank aging as we go, keeping ourselves much more flexible and avoiding shrinkage to which the body is forced to step age.

Stretching the muscles before and after any exercise you perform is as important as the exercise itself, to the point that if sport is performed one day remains importance of stretching to keep that flexibility that we acquire.

importance of stretching

Why stretching

A rigid muscles, stiff and are not used to being stretched to certain points may be more prone to injury. Therefore, the first benefit we get from stretching is to be able to optimize the sport or we exercise our physical avoiding damage.

On the other hand, stretching is a type of exercise you can do anywhere. In fact, to wake up and shake off our lethargy first thing we do is instinctively stretching our body. It is something that our muscles and joints ask us after a few hours of rest and no physical activity. When prolonged sitting or no activity, we often make natural stretching.

We feel that our muscles shrink, so we must make the stretch for each body part and in any place where we are, at the office, at home, on the street, etc.

Stretch and quality of life

Stretching increases blood and nutrients that reach the muscles considerably, a real benefit also helps to withstand the impact of exercises more optimally by the muscles.

Many possible joint injuries, both suffer in exercises like running is also prevented. Of course you should not perform stretching when muscle injuries or ligament, with a recent fracture or other muscular condition, tendons or joints.

Performs daily stretches you exercise or not. But especially before and after walking or running, biking, going to the gym, etc. If we have the discipline to perform our stretching, we will benefit from them especially at older ages. We may reach old age with an agility that will amaze others.