What Has Caught Your Attention?

Everyone is very self-aware of their bodies, skin condition, and overall health. But, what happens when all of a sudden, you spot your skin altering the way it should be looking? First thing is first, don’t panic! There are literally one hundred and one reasons that can cause skin disorders, irregularities, and imperfections. Some skin dilemmas are signals that are warning you of a poor diet, too much consumption of an un-healthy substance, a medical condition that is worsening, or anything in-between, but it is definitely a sign to you that there is something new going on. Sun damage, aging, and the like are all pretty self-explanatory by signs of pigmentation changes, wrinkles, and scarring from burns and blisters. You know your body best, and you have noticed a substantial change in your skin’s colour, texture, or appearance…it is time to get it looked at.

Identify and Confirm

It is never a bad idea to do a little research on your own to try to identify what exactly is going on with your skin, as many skin irritants are common (like eczema, rashes, infections, acne, impetigo and many others), and can be caused simply by the onset of allergies, a medical issue, or a severe change in diet or environment. Knowing what is going on with your body is half the battle right there. You should pop by your doctor’s office, or in severe cases, the outpatients’ area of your local hospital to have the new skin irregularity checked. Your blood will most likely be tested, and a short, mini-physical exam of your main bodily functions will also be scrutinized and analyzed (blood pressure, temperature, lungs, motor function, etc.). You will be asked if and what new changes have taken place in your life (foods, environment – like a new home, or new job, etc.).

Options for You

The skin that covers over your entire body is super-important; not only does it protect everything below the surface of it, but it also acts as an insulate, regulating your body’s temperature. Surface issues with your skin can come in the form of swelling, redness, itchiness, patchy discolouration, and even an inflammation from infection. You can lump some skin conditions into categories like skin irritation causes (touching poison ivy and getting a rash from it is an example), allergy-driven causes (pollen season = hives, running nose, continuous sneezing, headaches, etc.), and injury-related causes (fall off your bike, get a skinned knee that bleeds a bit is an example). These skin conditions are ones that you can identify yourself because you know what has caused it or provoked it. Other skin disorders could be derived from medical problems, and you will need to confirm that with your physician.skin disorders

There are numerous treatments available for just about every single skin condition that exists. For surface issues that circle around injury scarring, wrinkles, fine lines, acne scarring, and pigmentation problems, you can turn your focus to laser-related treatments (they are highly effective for surface and subsurface issues). The Vaser Shape laser and the Ultra Shape laser are two highly recommended laser therapies, for their gentle approach that do provide results. There are other surface skin remedies that are also sought out like micro-needling, chemicals peels, and microdermabrasion. Therapy can also come in the form of ointments, creams, medications taken orally and hot/cold treatments.

Getting You Back to Square One

The main goal here is to get your skin back to square one, to its original state if it is medically possible. Almost all skin issues are provoked by treatable conditions, so your best foot forward is to ascertain the WHY and the WHAT so you can reverse the damage to your skin. Everyone is self-conscious about how they look on the outside, and because skin can reflect subtle to severe signals that something is wrong, people can become very negative about this. With your self-esteem on the line, you should not delay in at least getting to know why your skin has changed it appearance.