Start a vegan diet can be an excellent plan if you are wishing to lose some extra kilos. Scientists say that those who make a vegan diet lost 4.3% more weight than those who lead a regular diet. But, how do a vegan diet if you’re addicted to meat and do not want to miss the nutrients provided by this? Well, today we bring you the solution, here we see the 4 Ideas to eat as a vegan meat while, this guide will prove practical and ideal to not miss neither milk nor meat, but in turn receive the benefits of the vegan diet.

1. Controls excess red meat in the week

If you are a person who eats too much meat during the week or in the morning, you must control the intake of this. For example, you can opt to choose a particular day of the week and completely remove the meat from the menu. Another option you can implement is to eat less red meat and replace -Chicken white meat or fish. If you’re worried about protein intake, you can substitute almond or soy milk.

vegan meat

2. Consume healthy carbohydrates

Eating healthy carbohydrates is very beneficial to health; you can do this by eating grains quinoa, wheat and barley. Replace white rice or quinoa pasta is very healthy, as this is very good for the body.

3. Try replacing food

To start a vegan diet is essential to know how to replace certain ingredients with some foods that provide equivalent nutrients. For example, replace eggs in a recipe for a tablespoon of flaxseed and three tablespoons of water. Despite being small changes, giving positive results in the end.

4. Commit to diet

This diet is a very healthy option, try to make her own: consume fruits, vegetables, nuts and grains, which are staple foods for vegans, and unlike some animal foods have no cholesterol. Eat less meat but doses; this will help more than you think.

These were the 4 Ideas to eat as a vegan meat: no need to remove it completely from your menu, just remember to consume less of this, replacing some foods and in turn seeing positive changes as a vegan diet brings I get very good results.

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