Without good oral hygiene it is not only possible to get bad alieno, but also diseases such as gingivitis and periodontal (infection that can cause the loss of several teeth). For that reason, conducting a thorough cleaning with brush teeth correctly, it is essential for a good maintenance. Today, you’ll discover how to get the most right brush teeth your needs with 3 simple tips. Read them below!

# 1 Suitable Size

The size of the brush head is very important. This should not be too small, or too big. Ideally, it is held by 1 “long and ½” wide to fit in your mouth smoothly.

right brush teeth

# 2 Type of bristles

While most professionals recommend stiff bristle brush to achieve a more effective plaque removal, nothing better than smooth and soft for those patients who have sensitive gums bristles.

The too hard bristles can cause the tissue to retract, causing sensitivity to heat and cold.

#3 practical Mango

With respect to the handle, it can be anti-slip and flexible neck, conical or rectangular head, and with wavy strands, flat, trimmed or shaped vault.

But either way, the “comfort” factor is chosen by the patient, considering their practicality to reach all teeth cleaned effortlessly.

Electronic brush?

Electronic brushes do not clean better than ordinary tooth brushes. However, they can become a motivation for the patient to perform better cleaning more often.

Of course, keep in mind that all toothbrushes should be replaced once the wear filaments (after about three months).

Ready to get the right brush teeth?