Do you spend hours in front of the TV but laziness always gives him 15 minutes to the care of your mouth? Follow these simple tips and you and those around you will notice a huge difference in the look of your mouth.

1. Brush your teeth at least twice daily, morning and evening. Remember to brush your teeth before going to bed is one of the most important to enjoy healthy life actions. If you do avoid all nights have many infections and health problems.

how to brush your teeth

2. Use a soft toothbrush, which preferably has a rounded shape on the tips of the bristles and the head is small enough to reach all areas of the teeth and mouth. Replace your brush every 3 to 4 months.

3. Place the brush at a 45 degree angle, exactly where the teeth meet the gums. Presses firmly and gently move the brush up and down in a circular motion. Do not rub much. Brushing too hard can separate the gums from the teeth and this could scratch the enamel.

4. Brush the entire surface of the teeth, tongue and cheeks. Pay special attention to the front of the teeth and the entire surface of the tooth.

5. Brush your tongue nicely backwards. Some people add a little toothpaste on the brush to do so. Brushing your tongue helps prevent plaque that is causing the bad breath. Some brushes and have bristles or specific material for use over this area.

6. Use floss at least once daily. The type of brand you choose is not very significant. Choose a brand and a flavor that are to your liking.

7. There are many techniques for doing a good flossing. One of the easiest is to cut a piece of yarn about 30 cm and make a knot at the end joining the two ends to form a circle. This will be helpful when passing the floss between teeth and prevent gum hurt you trying to reach the most distant places.

8. Carefully use the floss between teeth to the gums. Try bending the floss between each tooth forming the shape U and slide according to the shape of your gums from top to bottom to remove plaque formed. If your gums bleed a bit in doing, so anger blood disappearing with time when your gums are healthier.