In the times in which we live, it is not difficult to become a workaholic, is something that can happen without us noticing; technology has a lot to do, because although automates and facilitates many processes also somehow is responsible we can take work home when we’re not done in the office.

Finding a balance and deal with have some time to unwind from work routine becomes essential healthy tips for workaholics and mental health.

essential healthy tips for

1. At some point you have to sleep

If you do not sleep the hours you need you could get fat, have a strong tendency to evil humor, suffer from sleep disorders and feel exhausted, among other complications arising from lack of rest.

2. Pay attention to the signs

Your body sends you messages constantly, but up to you to listen; perhaps you suddenly feel the need to eat certain foods and must, because chances are your body will not be asking the lack of minerals or vitamins that they will bring. See if you have enough pain and exercise or rest, as you perceive that you need.

3. That no lack of vitamins in your daily life

Taking a multivitamin supplement can help you do not miss any particular vitamin, especially if your diet is not quite nutritious; anyway, it is always best to consult a doctor.

4. A time solo

It is very necessary to make spaces to be alone; disconnect from the conversation with others, opinions, comments, issues and concerns that are often added to ours is very beneficial for your health. Promote a time so you can realize your personal needs and reflect on your life, you take direction and other issues do very well.

5. Practice

It is a classic board but there must be. Really when you spend long hours sitting or standing working activate the whole body. It is not about having a good figure, but to prevent major diseases, such as cardiovascular.

6. Contact with nature

So either you have to use your laptop, get some time outside, breathe deeply feel the sun on your body as you have a day off fail and go out to enjoy nature, you’ll see how good you feel.

7. Vacation Time

Although you can not travel and you have to stay at home, do not be discouraged; There are hundreds of tips on the net that offer you various proposals to do things and have fun. Of course, if you can travel and see new places and experiencing tastes, smells and new landscapes give your views, nor hesitate!