If you are pregnant and have questions about what kind of food is the most complete for you and for the proper development of the baby, here are a few ideas on nutrients that you introduce into your diet and what foods you can find. Finding the right balance between healthy food and proper weight gain is possible. You’ll have to try to get into the habit, from the first trimester of a healthy diet for pregnancy.

Nutrient-rich foods for pregnant

The human body needs nutrients to stay healthy and get different food. Since pregnancy is a special time when the woman has to pay special attention to your health, it is important that you include in your diet foods that contain nutrients.

pregnancy diet

Nutrients are divided into five groups. Proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals to ensure the necessary nutrients in your diet healthy pregnant you will have to include foods that belong to these groups:

– Carbohydrates: Is the main source of energy in the human body. The most recommended for pregnant are present in the pasta, rice, crackers, cereals, wholemeal bread, beans, cherries or strawberries.

– Fats: a pregnant woman needs fatty acids, throughout pregnancy, as they are essential for fetal growth. You can find them mainly in oily fish, nuts or olive oil.

– Vitamins: gynecologist will probably be prescribed a multivitamin to ensure input throughout pregnancy and you can ensure a healthy diet. However, you can help your diet including folic acid (vitamin B) present in green leafy vegetables, citrus, banana and bread. Fruits rich in vitamins to be a pillar of your diet, consume between 2 and 4 pieces per day. And, just to get outdoors, you get vitamin D, since the gain from sunlight.

– Minerals: iron, iodine, zinc, magnesium and potassium are recommended during pregnancy minerals. You wonder where to find them. Red meats, legumes and nuts are rich in iron; iodine I get salt, shrimp and sardines, zinc is present in seafood and calcium in milk.

A healthy menu for pregnant

An example of a healthy diet for pregnant could be this:

– Breakfast: orange juice, wheat toast with oil, a bowl of milk and cereal with strawberries

– A mid-morning: an apple and yogurt

– Food: vegetables lentils, white fish papillote (in the oven wrapped in foil on onions, tomatoes, salt and oil) and melon

– Mid-afternoon: a sandwich of low-fat cheese with a slice of tomato, olive oil and oregano and a piece of fruit

– Dinner: one salad, grilled chicken and grapes

In addition, throughout the day you will have to go there to drink water to stay hydrated, recommend eating in pregnancy at least 2 liters, you can in any case, Juice to get the necessary fluids to achieve a healthy diet for pregnancy.