Your Physical Foundation

When it comes to your physical well-being overall, it can be comparable to the very home you live in right now. Your home requires upkeep and maintenance, and sometimes a full-out renovation is in order when things become older and well-used. Your body is no different; if you leave yourself ‘unchecked’ for too long regarding health-related matters, then it stands to reason that something will break or fail eventually, right? Regular ‘checks’ of your body’s foundation (main functioning organs) is why your physician harps on you about regular visits to keep up-to-date on your overall state of health, and to keep an eye on your body’s bare basics (your foundation). You already know what your physician checks when you visit, especially when you are booked in for a physical. Your eyes, ears, mouth, blood pressure, heart rate, and reflexes are all part of your ‘physical inspection’. Minerals, nutrients, vitamins and regular momentum/exercise is hugely important to your steadily worked on physical health renovations.

Your Skeletal Structure

Skeletons (adults) are made up of 206 bones in total, so if you think about your home right now, there are support beams, columns of milled lumber for framing, roof & floor joists…the list of ‘skeletal’ lumber that is used to create the entire skeleton of your home is far more than your 206 bones. However, the concept is the same; breaking even one of the pieces of lumber that is used to hold your home together (especially a support beam) is like breaking one of your bones; it becomes useless and maybe even dangerous until it is repaired or replaced without structural hairline cracks. The need to keep your bones strong all starts from the inside (good levels of daily calcium), and the maintenance of them is tasked by the outside of your body. Sudden injuries to your bones can be just like a storm that drops a tree on your home; both are damaging and both need immediate attention for repair.

Your Internal Wiring/Electrical

Neurons…fantastic little electrically-charged and microscopic bits that is comparable to the wiring/electrical system behind the walls of your home. One neuron contacts another neuron (like how one cell phone contacts another cell phone) that must pass through a small speck of space in order to create a chemical signal from an electrical signal (like what happens in cyberspace when someone sends a text message). To CC one message, one neuron can actually connect to several other neurons simultaneously (like forwarding an email to more than one person). As you have many electrical products plugged into your home, so does your body (and this is how your body sends messages to your brain). If you think about how many messages are sent to your brain within one minute, then you will have a better understanding of just how fast your neurons work together. To keep up the steady pace of making new neurons, you can take in more vitamin E, test your brain’s smarts regularly (crosswords, games, etc.), and take a break from high amounts of stress.healthy life

Your Plumbing and Pipes

Red and white blood cells are a huge part of your body ‘ticking’ right. The red blood cells are the means of your body being able to exit oxygen from your lungs and send it along to the entirety of your body. The white blood cells are what prevent you from always being sick; they are like your computer’s anti-virus software in terms of directly focusing, attacking, and removing foreign bacteria and very bad viruses. You will want to ensure that you are ingesting the right amount of minerals, vitamins, and nutrients to keep your cells in tip-top shape. Your digestive track is like your home’s ‘pipes’, but instead of carrying water, your internal pipes (like your intestines, esophagus, stomach, liver, gallbladder, and pancreas) all have a very important part to play in how your body processes and disposes of the foods, beverages, and vitamins/medications that you gobble down daily.