Healthy and balanced diet: The diet should be low in fat, sugar and salt, high in fiber, lean protein, vegetables and fruits. Choose foods with high antioxidant power remove the chips, junk food, soft drinks and consume low-fat dairy such as yogurt daily, rich in protein, calcium and minerals. Drink plenty of water.

Perform exercises: This reduces stress, anxiety and depression, helps sleep, improves cardiovascular and metabolic health. Every 48 or 72 hours must be done, walk daily about 30 or 60 minutes, briskly, to strengthen the respiratory, cardiovascular and muscular systems.

Controlling anxiety and stress: Excessive stress can cause insomnia, headaches, stomach problems, problems with mood and others. Check it by yoga, meditation, practicing hobbies, laugh, travel, enjoy the pleasures of life.

Remove vices: Dispose of the cigarette and ask for a smoke-free environment snuff not allows smoking at home, office or enclosed spaces. Addiction is not just associated with illegal street drugs, legal drugs and medicines are sometimes used improperly, causing severe health problems. Limit consumption of alcohol, it produces complications such as alcoholic hepatitis, liver cirrhosis and eventually liver cancer and death.

Medical consultations for disease prevention: Preventive medicine can detect any anomalies in the health status on time. The annual medical examination is advisable.

Sleep: When the body does not get enough rest has a tendency to accumulate fat. Rest is essential to enhance our intellectual and psychomotor activity.

Oral health: Good dental hygiene is essential to keep your teeth for a lifetime. Wash your teeth two or three times a day and floss daily. Use fluoride toothpaste, have regular dental checkups and limit sugar intake.