The teen pregnancy is more common than you think, girls year to year from 12 to 13 years for having become pregnant without using any protection.

However, as the body is not yet fully mature to house a new life in the womb, there are certain dangers that must be taken into account to prevent and avoid problems at birth. Let’s meet together!

# 1 Difficulty to have a natural childbirth

The pelvic bones do not reach their maximum size to 18 years; this means they will not have enough space to allow a vaginal delivery. Therefore, the incidence of Caesarean sections in teenage mothers has a much higher than in the rest of the women cup.

teen pregnancy

# 2 Infant mortality

Babies born to teen mothers are more likely to die during the first year of life compared to newborns of mothers over 20 years. This occurs mainly by maternal malnutrition and low weight at birth.

# 3 Preeclampsia

Girls who become pregnant during adolescence, can be called preeclampsia or high blood pressure . This puts at great risk your life and your baby and can lead to premature birth.

#4 underweight babies

Adolescents have a higher risk of delivering babies with low weight at birth, between 1500 and 2500 kg. As a result, they may suffer respiratory problems and damage to other organs. It is important that in this case, small should be constantly monitored in the hospital or hospital for neonatal staff.

# 5 post childbirth Depression

The teen pregnancy adolescents are at increased risk of post partum depression, which can lead to substance abuse as antidepressants or other drugs that usually do not fulfill their duties and only lead to ever increasing consumption.

# 6 possible transmissions of diseases

Sexually transmitted diseases are spread through intercourse without using a condom. In this case, as there is often a total lack of knowledge about the prevention of STDs and unwanted pregnancy, adolescents are more likely to catch HIV, syphilis or gonorrhea than women who plan their motherhood and have sex safely.