There is much talk about the properties of green vegetables, although this term usually relate to only one category: the green leaf belonging to the group of vegetables, perfect with salads and eat raw.

While all share some constant as the green thanks to chlorophyll, the main component and high in fiber and minerals, green vegetables range goes far beyond better known as broccoli or spinach and as part of the cultural breviary, here I share 5 of them and their benefits.

green vegetables

No. 1 Green Beans

First the beans are a very dynamic vegetables that can be added to almost any dish, much found within the Mexican cuisine in salads and stews. Among its main benefits are those related to its high content of magnesium, vitamins, folic acid and antioxidants.

With this you can prevent from cramps, premature aging and stimulate proper blood circulation. Because of its high fiber content helps digestion and minimize the levels of sugar and cholesterol in the body, besides the beans they are 90% water so it can eat freely without worrying about the diet.

No. 2 Peas

Also known as peas, they are these small, very practical and easy to prepare and round green seeds found either fresh or frozen way, inside the pods or already peeled.

Because they are high in fiber, folic acid and vitamin B6, peas benefit cardiovascular health, helps maintain stable blood sugar levels and are a good source of iron and potassium.

No. 3 Chile

As we know, there are varieties of chile ranked colors, sizes and intensity of flavor, speaking specifically of the green chile serrano or the properties are obviously enhance the flavor of our dishes, it is good in lowering blood pressure and as antinflamarorio.

Mexican recipes are full of this plant is that besides all that arises thanks to an ingredient, capsaicin chili is good to prevent cancer and contain very few calories so you can eat freely, just beware enchilarse.

No. 4 Nopales

Roasted, raw, in juice or powder, the nopal is a key ally in the power and beauty, just take note of some of their benefits; because they are high in fiber, the nopal is good in digestion by helping reduce inflammation and slow intestinal transit.

Also because of the fiber, eating cactus is ideal for maintaining an optimal diet giving a feeling of fullness in addition to providing vitamins consumption. Balances blood sugar levels which is ideal to accompany the treatment diabetes or other metabolic disorders.

No. 5 Chayote

Of Mexican origin, squash is one of the most used in the classic cuisine but many classify it as fruit vegetables, is best known as a vegetable.

Among its main properties is that its composition is mostly fiber and water that benefits keep cholesterol levels and low sugar, satiety and better digestion, it also constitutes antioxidants and many vitamins and minerals.

Benefits to health and beauty as well as great taste, accessibility and ease of preparation; What other green vegetables you add to the list?