Asthma is a very common condition today; both children and adults suffer from varying degrees. It is believed that much has to do to live in a polluted environment; however, something that has no relation to this, is the case in countries like India itchy eyes and runny nose occurs in 1%, while elsewhere affects 45% of children.

This has found its explanation in the eating habits of the population. Today we tell you a little about the relationship between diet and asthma.

Plant to prevent asthma

People who lead a diet rich in carbohydrates, sodium, protein from eggs and meat, are more likely to suffer from asthma and in fact, those with the disease consume these foods in larger quantities than vegetables.

preventing asthma

In India conducted a study of 100,000 people in which it was found that those eating a vegetarian diet were less likely to have asthma.

Consume less food of animal origin entails a significant improvement for sufferers of asthma; in just eight weeks of eating more vegetables than meat, symptoms are significantly reduced.

What foods to avoid eating when you have asthma

  • eggs
    milk products
    animal protein

Both eat plenty of vegetables and fruits during childhood, have proven preventive food allergic asthma and the wheezing and runny nose, the benefit extend to the teenage years, in which symptoms decrease due to consumption of fruits and vegetables at that stage of life.

Because being that eating habits adopted by the general population in recent years have favored allergies and inflammatory diseases of the respiratory system. The substances injected or fed to animals of which comes the meat then we eat often contain alkylphenol (endocrine disruptors), which combined with poor nutrition in plant and environmental pollution are factors that increase the risk of suffering from.

In adulthood, these conditions are increased by up to 7 times more for eating few vegetables and vitamin C from these. Thus, those who consume them in large quantities are benefited by obtaining a protection up to 10 times higher.

Both the consuming probiotics Lactobacillus as the fact breastfeed babies, causes the intestinal microflora contains beneficial health also help prevent diseases of the respiratory tract and allergies among other bacteria.

Every day is gives more importance to bring healthy habits including adequate, balanced diet rich in fruits and vegetables. Today, we know that various diseases like asthma can be prevented and eliminated through the use of the latter, so it is highly recommended to incorporate early.