Today we will discuss a particular topic that affects many women, including perhaps you’re one of those affected and still do not know. What is female Orgasmic Disorder? Well, let’s clarify your doubts in the following paragraphs. So you know, if you are suffering need not be ashamed, just follow the tips and in any case, if this continues, I check with your personal gynecologist.

What are the symptoms of female orgasmic disorder?

They call female orgasmic disorder to the absence or constant delay of orgasm following a normal sexual excitement. This will depend on many very personal, but also linked to the old you, sexual experience and stimulation you receive. That is why we recommend consulting your gynecologist first and certainly before any symptoms you have, or find out about this topic that will detail below better.

female orgasmic disorder

As a result, the characteristics of this disorder can alter from your body image self esteem up in your relationship. Note that this usually occurs in younger women, because when a woman makes it to an orgasm is more unusual to lose this feeling with the passage of time. Instead young women, due to lack of experience, maybe take longer to get to find out what things make them an orgasm.

You must understand that this disorder is not a medical illness, but it is recommended that you go to a specialist if you feel that something is wrong with you. Probably not anything to be alarmed, but it’s definitely something that generates to miss one of the most satisfying pleasures that life has to offer.

What to do in these cases?

Do not blame your partner automatically, first examines whether your body everything is working as it should; if there are things that do not generate excitement, discuss it and try to rekindle things, communication is essential in these cases because the lack of stimulation can generate these disorders. Never lose the will to try. Remember that changes are achieved in two and surrender is only for losers. Continue making the effort and see how things change.

Sexuality is to enjoy it in full: if you have something that is not working as it should, pay attention to it, the female orgasmic disorder definitely has a solution and can treat it. The body will always transmit signals which case we must make if we want a healthy and fulfilling life. What do you think?