Would you like to know what the five deadliest diseases and how to prevent them? Today we will explain a bit about this, so you can have the necessary time to prevent the situation tools. Be informed about this is something we cannot ignore, so modify some bad habits that lead to a very bad way.

Lung Cancer

This is one reason why many people die in the world, and occurs when cells in one or both lungs begin to grow uncontrollably.

deadliest diseases

How to prevent it

• Stop smoking
• Lives and works in a safe environment, free from contaminants such as arsenic and exposure to diesel exhaust, which are risk factors for developing lung cancer.
• Avoid people who smoke are around you.


It is a condition in which normal blood flow stops. There are two types of stroke: ischemic -occurs when a blood-clot stops, and the other is an intracranial hemorrhagic stroke, the latter is unfortunately deadly. Those who survive this usually left with a permanent disability.

How to prevent it

• Control high blood pressure
• Stop smoking
• Control cholesterol
• Diabetes Control
• Keep a controlled weight

Alzheimer’s disease

This disease is characterized by a dementia that is growing. People who suffers loses his memory and begin behaving strangely. The death of these people happens when organs become insufficient and infection occurs in the final stages of the disease.

How to prevent it

• Keep your brain active
• Be physically and socially active
• Control your blood pressure
• Eat a healthy diet rich in fruits and vegetables

Chronic lung disease

This condition blocks the passage of air into the lungs. It occurs when there is an inflammation of the bronchial tubes and causes a narrowing of the airways leading to breathing difficulties.

How to prevent it

• Do not smoke
• Avoid lung irritants, such as smoke from people smoking around you.
• Make sure you have all flu shots; this will help protect against the development of future disease.

Heart disease

Ranked number one are coronary heart disease. Blood vessels are narrow, but apparently these harden due to an accumulation of plaques found in the walls of blood vessels. When blood vessels become narrow the blood supply to the heart and leads to a heart attack is interrupted. This is one of the leading causes of death worldwide.

How to prevent

• Do not smoke
• Avoid fatty foods
• Alcohol Control
• Eat a healthy diet
• Control your blood pressure
• Practice moderate exercise

Now you know what the five deadliest diseases and how to prevent them. These are the main causes of death in most developed countries, so be sure to prevent all these, following the necessary measures we have introduced you before.