The flavored water is a refreshing drink that everyone always at hand and is easily available. But how safe is drinking them? Today I want to tell if it’s good or bad to drink flavored waters.

What are flavored waters?

Flavored waters are a type of beverage very different from ordinary water and isotonic drinks used by athletes to recover lost sales during hard workouts. Contain different ingredients depending on the type of water than they are: some contain added vitamins and minerals, while others do not have them; some have large amounts of sugar, while others have non-caloric sweeteners.

flavored water

Are they healthy?

In case you are looking for a replacement for sweet drinks to reduce your intake of sugar, this is a good choice.

But beware! Some flavored water contain sugars that will increase your daily caloric intake diet. It is also good to take them as replacement of a nutritious beverage, such as skim milk that has added calcium and vitamin D or natural fruit juice, which contains many more nutrients.

Remember also that to consume flavored waters will be including in your diet – sweeteners artificial ingredients and other ingredients that are not very healthy.

In conclusion, if you usually drink mineral water or just tap, when feasible, of course- do not stop and do not you replace by flavored waters, they do not have unnecessary calories or sugars added to your daily diet.

If you usually drink flavored water all the time, you better planted the possibility of reducing the quantities and replace some with water, as this will be much healthier.