~Advantageous Adventures~

Frazzled, burned-out, brain-fried, stressed out…if this is how you would currently describe yourself and your physical/mental state, then you are drained. You may be saying to yourself that you do not have the time or the luxury of departing from your life and booking a sweet little getaway, but you are on the cusp of being forced into it. When your mind and body is spinning on all axles, every single day, you are going to completely wear out sooner than later. It is time…in order to not become completely useless to yourself and those around you…you have to make time to incorporate ‘decompression downtime’. Your getaway is NOT going to be a working vacation, so get that right out of your mind (in fact, leave your tablet, lappy, and other electronic devices at home!). You need to embark on an advantageous adventure! What (besides being a workaholic) appeals to you? Would you love to go exploring in a rainforest to take in nature & wildlife? Would you love to indulge in the foreign culinary delights of a particular country? Are you secretly a history buff that would like nothing better than to walk around ancient ruins? Will laying on a super-soft, white sandy beach sipping a weird, tropical drink make you happy?

~Conditioning Your Constitution~

Your constitution/health is at stake; this is why you need a vacation from your life ‘tout suite’! Once you can narrow down just how much, or just how little you will want to do on your getaway is completely up to you. Did you know that high levels of stress that is ongoing day after day will cause you physical problems (water retention, bloating, shooting your blood pressure through the roof or dangerously dropping it, sleep deprivation, appetite suppression, the list goes on and on)? If you don’t ‘tweak yourself’ back to a better constitutional state, you will end up with forced downtime from illness. Now that you are thinking more about yourself and your constitution, the next step is to formulate and execute the perfect plan…and the perfect getaway! You know that high stress continuously can cause physical ailments, but what about your mental state? Your mind is what controls every aspect of your body, so if your mental state is frazzled, then nothing else will work correctly, right?

~Vacation Vitality~ways to prevent yeast infection

There is nothing more re-energizing then a week or two off away from your home and away from your life. Super-charging yourself physically and mentally does not come in the form of a 5-hour energy drink, a smoothie, or a good night’s sleep. You have to step away FROM IT ALL and stay away for at least one week (that would be 7 days, not 5 days). Your destination is the most important aspect of your ‘decompressing downtime’ getaway; where you go and what you will have access to is hugely important. As many regular travelers would agree, you may be drained and just want a quiet vacation, but once you are surrounded by a foreign environment, your inner urge to go exploring is going to overtake you eventually. The sights, sounds and flavors of a different culture is just too much fun to be had; it will draw you in like a magnet! Even if you spend each day of your vacation reveling in the local delights and tour here and there, you are re-charging…you are meeting your goals of decompressing…you are having FUN!

~Favorable Fortitude~

Your constitution is fully re-charged, your mind & body has decompressed, so you can now return home with a new sense of fortitude (the courage to face any adversity). Having favorable fortitude is like re-stocking your entire home with loads of fresh foods, freshly-picked flowers, or any other ‘freshly’ implemented thing that pleases you. YOU are ‘freshly tweaked’ and once again ready to tackle the world. You will not believe just HOW MUCH you needed your vacation, and how much decompressing you did (and you just had to have FUN to accomplish it!). You may have chosen a destination that provided spa services (who knew that getting a massage WHILE laying around on the beach could be such a hoot?), you maybe decided to try zip-lining through a forest (have you ever screamed in such delight ever before in your life?), or you just decided to paddle your way into tranquility & happiness by taking advantage of fantastically fun kayaking experiences around to deserted, surrounding islands or coves? No matter how you spent your time, it was well earned and well deserved…for outstanding health, add one healthy getaway a year to your life, and incorporate plenty of ‘decompression downtime’.