Eating dairy products is good for health, or at least is what has always told us. However, the reality seems more complicated than this: are they really necessary dairy products?

The dangers of dairy products

Marketing services of the big brands in the dairy industry were intelligent, admittedly, have you believe that milk and its derivatives were indispensable.

dairy products

For this we were bombarded on a few tweaks, slogans easy to memorize and many of them related to the children. How not to feel guilty depriving children of certain milk products when these are major contributing healthy elements like calcium to help build bones? Who could jeopardize the health of children? Obviously, no.

Nothing proves to be effective

However, no independent study has provided the real test of its efficacy on bone health: all studies selling their merits are primarily funded by the dairy industry itself.

Conversely, a fact is acquired: are the countries where milk who know the highest number of fractures and the highest rate of osteoporosis is consumed. We must not forget that milk is an acidifying product, and that the body must draw from their bases to limit its effects. However, these bases are located specifically in bone, where they are associated with calcium. Instead of nurturing the bones, dairy consumed in excess contribute to demineralization.

Dairy is not necessary

Do not forget that man has learned through thousands of years with some bones that were not glass and this without consuming any milk. The gene pool is formed such that knows dispensed milk, and three quarters of the world population does not support it once it has passed the period of infant feeding. Remember that the man is the only animal that continues to drink milk even in adulthood. Furthermore, it is milk that is another animal.

Less dairy means less calcium

In the collective imagination, a lack of dairy products makes us run the risk of calcium deficiency; however, vegetables are also rich in calcium, particularly green leafy vegetables.

So are they the essential dairy for health? The truth is that no; however, if you like milk, yogurt or cheese and want to consume, it will not be a detriment if you do it in moderation.