Psychosomatic illnesses are common. While much is not spoken about it, much of the disorders suffer derived from a psychosomatic illness; and this is not unusual, it’s just a definition, as it only means that affect the body and mind.

What are psychosomatic illnesses?

The word comes from psychosomatic mind (psyche) and body. There are diseases that become serious because in stress and anxiety.

common psychosomatic illnesses

The mental part of the disease

There is always an aspect that has to do with the plays, and how each individual reacts to the same symptom. Two people may have the same condition and yet carry differently. For example, one can fall into depression and other feel it is not so serious.

There are certain mental illnesses that lead to physical problems such as those that make us dependent. For example, when we feed ourselves.

The physical part of the disease

Many diseases are aggravated by stress and anxiety, although it is not something verifiable, most people feel that it is so; for example, those with ulcer, suffering from psoriasis, hair loss…

Psychosomatic disorders are another manifestation in the physical body of what happens to us mentally. That is, someone who has anxiety palpitations, without this being a physical illness.

1. Irritable Bowel Syndrome

It is believed that this disease is the result of stress and symptoms such as gas, bloating, nausea, diarrhea or constipation. It is more common in women, and there is no cure for it.

2. Ulcers

They can be caused by bacteria such as Helicobacter pylori or stress. While it can be treated with antacids, it is sometimes necessary to resort to taking strong antibiotics.

3. Acne stress caused by

It seems that stress is the key ingredient in psychosomatic diseases; the only way to treat adult acne is through local solutions and through taking medication indicated by a dermatologist. Anyway, according to a study by Stanford University, responsible for this condition is the hormone testosterone, which increases their levels when we get stressed.

4. Immune disorders

Again, in times in which we are more nervous and stressed, our defenses down. Therefore, no sense taking antibiotics or flu: one is to relax, to rest, stay warm and eat chicken soup.

Apparently it is a response of the immune system to pictures of stress: if you sink the body and you get a rash without you knowing what you should consult your doctor, since it is often necessary to take antihistamines or applied corticosteroid creams for alleviate the condition.

Most common psychosomatic illnesses are related to stress, therefore, the key to not suffer them is to reduce as much as possible through therapy, relaxation, and doing everything that you produce welfare.