Today the offer of best Greek yogurt is very wide and can become overwhelming, so it is important that you consider that not everyone is equal.

This type of yoghurt is characterized by its creamy consistency; some get it thanks to its high fat content, while others achieved by its high protein content.

best greek yogurt

When it comes to taking care of our body it is important to remember that excess fat is associated with the occurrence of cardiovascular diseases, overweight and obesity. So if we want to enjoy a delicious taste and at the same time protecting our health, avoid the Greeks that are high in fat and choose the ones that are rich in protein.

To choose the best Greek yoghurt for our food, you need to consider some aspects, do you want to know? Then do not miss the following tips to help you find it.

How much protein do you have?

This is a fundamental aspect as good Greek yoghurt owes its consistency to the concentration of milk protein concentration and never fat. Ideally, your Greek yoghurt is at least 9 grams of protein per package.

So you have at hand a food that will help you feel full longer. Remember that a high protein diet is important to keep your body at its best.

It is low in fat?

Good Greek yoghurt must comply with the characteristic of being “low fat”. The ingredients should be mainly milk and skim milk solids to offer the best of this element without the high fat content. Take care that your Greek yogurt has a maximum of 3 grams of fat per container and no more than 150 calories.

Great flavor without too much sugar?

If you’ve found Greek yoghurt with a high percentage of protein and low fat, take the time to find a flavor that suits your tastes and needs. But it is very important that you consider the amount of sugar that each portion. Try to make your Greek yogurt is not more than 10 grams of added sugars.

Is there a taste and presentation for you?

A Greek yoghurt power quality should be eaten alone or in conjunction with other nutritious foods like fruits and cereals. Its creamy texture is ideal to combine, but if you are of women who prefer to have everything in one, some brands offer options premixed with elements that enrich the flavor, in addition to providing the benefits of the extra ingredient.

Find the ones you like, provided they comply with these recommendations. There are also beverage options that can take you anywhere.

Is it a nutritious food and not just a dessert?

If you meet the above, the best Greek yogurtcan be part of any balanced diet and can eat at any time of day, whether at breakfast, snack, lunch or dinner. Conversely, if you miss these points and contains too much fat or sugar, it is considered as dessert. Choose only Greek yoghurts high in protein.

Not all Greeks are equal, so we recommend that you check the labels and compare the information. Remember that a low-fat product , rich in protein, with little added sugars and taste delicious, it is perfect for any time of day.