There’s no way about it: Belly fat is annoying. Unluckily, a pooch doesn’t just make your jeans tighter—it can also gravely compromise your health. Research has shown that additional belly fat is linked to everything from a higher risk for heart illness to augmented odds of developing cancer.

With that in mind, we reached out to dietary biochemist Shawn M. Talbott, PhD and nutrition expert Stratten Waldt for their feedback on the foods that burn belly fat. Combine these with regular exercise and you can kiss that pooch goodbye in no time.

belly fat


Yogurt contains four different bioactive compounds that can assist shed belly fat, says Talbott. Not only those, its probiotics are good for your general absorption and help you feel full. Yogurt also contains calcium and magnesium, which reduce the stress hormone cortisol. “Cortisol is a potent and straight signal for belly fats to store more fat—so reducing it helps with belly fat loss,” says Talbott.

Apples and Pears

Water-rich fruits are high in soluble fiber and vitamins, both of which can burn belly fat. “Just make sure it’s a whole fruit and not a juice or a sauce,” says Waldt. Apples in particular are high-quality because they help you sense fuller longer. Studies have shown that public who eat an apple before a meal eat 15-percent less calories overall, and fewer calories income your body will turn to your stored fat for power, plunging your pooch.

Green Tea

Green tea is one of the most effectual natural fat-burners, according to Talbott, mostly due to its EGCG, a naturally-occuring flavonoid that encourage your cells to burn more calories—and specially burn more calories from fat. Aim to drink at least one cup a day for best belly fat-burning settlement.

This spice is huge for burning belly fat because it reduces corrosion and irritation inside of fat cells. “If oxidation or inflammation are too high in the body, they set the stage for extra belly fat accumulation,” explains Talbott. Once the belly fat is there, it starts to make its own compounds to set off oxidation and inflammation, he says. That creates a cruel cycle of more belly fat which is hard to get rid of awaiting you control the oxidation. Insert turmeric to your eggs in the morning, make a turmeric-heavy curry, or sprinkle it over your chicken at dinner.


Believe this your wonder spice: Cinnamon improves your aptitude to metabolize fat and suppresses your hunger, too. Talbott recommends using it copiously to help keep your blood sugar levels from variable too high, which slows fat-burning, or too low, which makes you feel hungry. Sprinkle it on your coffee or over top of steamed apples for a healthy—and delicious—dessert.