We all know that exercise is important not only for physical and mental health but also for longevity. There are times, however, that the obligations of the life, work and family have priority, which makes fit exercise into your daily routine is a real challenge.

But you need not always go to the gym to burn calories! According to researchers, there are a number of daily activities, if done correctly, burn 200 calories or more between 30 minutes and an hour.

burn calories

1. Shopping

If you’re like most people, you go to the grocery store at least once a week. If you can do you’re shopping less often, spending at least an hour shopping, burn about 260 calories. If you want to burn more, starting with the heaviest first items on your walk, for a more intense exercise as pushing a cart full of cans and drinks through the store.

2. Play with children

Play with your children (or young siblings, nieces, nephews or cousins) may be one of the most enjoyable and rewarding things to do. And has an advantage: you will burn about 300 calories per hour!

3. Tasks Gardening

The basic gardening tasks such as weeding, pruning and watering can burn at least 334 calories. It adds little more difficult tasks, such as carrying pruning and transplanting large plants, and your calorie burn will increase significantly.

4. Walking the dog

You may be surprised to know the number of calories you burn in one hour walk with the dog . Other opportunities include walking into your daily routine if you have dog park your car include a little further away from your destination, walk to errands in the neighborhood, or walk in the park. Even walking slow burn about 300 calories an hour. Slightly increases your speed (race walking) and you can burn about 480 calories an hour.

5. Wash the floor

Wash floors with mop and burn at least 330 calories per hour hub. With a little ingenuity and determination you can amplify this activity. Put on some music; grab a mop, bucket and soapy water, and starts in a corner of the room. Heat for 5 minutes, either slowly passing the mop back and forth, or rotate your waist and making circles on the floor. Move at an easy pace for the first 5 minutes, and then set off to move fast and hard.

6. Mowing

Some of the hardest tasks can be enough to make a dent in your daily calorie burn when done properly. Mowing with a standard electric machine will burn approximately 334 calories per hour. And if you opt for push mower, you can burn up to 410 calories per hour.

What other daily activities you recommend us to burn calories? Discuss!